Consorzio Fondi Piu

71 Unique commercial activities for a single purpose ...

Governing Council

President:   Daniele Terenzio

Councilor:   Arcangelo Di Mugno

Councilor:   Gina Notarianni

Councilor:   Giuseppe Tammetta

Councilor:   Mauro Agresti

The "Fondi Più" Business Consortium is born, from a project funded by the Lazio Region, to promote and enhance the business world of the historic center of Fondi, on the initiative of some of the most important companies operating in the area they base. On the basis of a shared network program, the participating companies have committed themselves to collaborating in areas related to the exercise of their companies and in particular to promote and enhance the synergy of the productive and commercial fabric of the historical and urban center where there are activities of different nature able to be attractive for the municipal and provincial basin.