Travel in the historical center and in the taste of the territory with the Fondi Più Consortium


Yesterday, March 18, 2018, the long-awaited visit of the historic center of Fondi was organized by the Adult Groups of the Cattolica Di Formia Action. The route for about 150 guests, characterized by a guided tour of the historic center of Fondi and its monuments with particular attention to the Jewish Quarter and its Museum, was aimed at the rediscovery of the Judeo-Christian roots of our territory. Particularly touching is the moment of reflection by the Dominican nuns and the Libero de Libero di Fondi Association. The day ended in the splendid setting of the San Domenico Auditorium, made available by the Municipality of Fondi, where the intervention of the Consorzio Fondi Più focused on the winning combination of culture, hospitality and food and wine. He followed the presentation of future events and the "Fondipiù website" project, which will be the main container of the Consortium's initiatives. "We illustrated our idea of ​​doing tourism - explained Vincenzo di Lucia, President of Confcommercio Fondi - a new version of hospitality aimed at a tourist who likes to feel pampered and at the same time free to turn in our territory to get full of culture, flavors and shopping ". "We are aware - said Daniele Terenzio, President of the Consortium Fondi Più - that at a time of great difficulty, we need to raise the bar of the interventions in favor of the Funds Center During the summer, in concert with the Municipal Administration , initiatives and events are planned that will stimulate the tourists who will visit us, as well as interventions for the embellishment of our most important neighborhoods ". "We have always been key players and drivers of tourism for the city of Fondi because our task and interest is to offer quality catering today and in the future" - added Alessandro Simonelli and Massimo Rotunno, Associazione Ristoranti di Fondi . Particularly appreciated the final intervention of the chef Fausto of the restaurant "Da Fausto" that has delighted the senses of the participants by explaining first and then tasting their own interpretations of typical local products. Fondi Più offers a sincere thanks to all the participants and in particular to the companies MOF SPA, Caseificio PortaRoma, Agridimugno Agricultural Company, Monti Cecubi Company, Agricola D'Ausilio and Associazione Ristoranti di Fondi who have offered their fundamental support for the highly successful event .